Why We Do It


It is a challenge to grow up in New Orleans.

Much of our youth face extreme poverty and a lack of education. In 2016, the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES) released data stating that after surveying more than 1,200 New Orleans children 10-16, IWES found that the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among children is four times the national average.

Daughters Beyond Incarceration’s mission

is to advocate for girls with incarcerated dads while building strong parent-to-child relationships between them. We believe that by bridging the communication gap between fathers and their daughters we reduce recidivism and help with the father’s re-entry back into society. DBI offers this through education, mentorship, and support.

Daughters Beyond Incarceration’s vision

is for every daughter with an incarcerated father to live a healthy stable life and have a strong, positive, relationship with her father while he is incarcerated. Daughters Beyond Incarceration’s plan is to attack mass incarceration issues by eliminating barriers that affect the communication gap between father and daughters.