Who Are We?

We are an organization unlike any other.

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DBI is unlike any other as it was established by two women that has first-hand experience of growing up with an incarcerated father their entire childhood. We are the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime amongst daughters with incarcerated parents. DBI’s goal is to help girls navigate through life while their father is incarcerated. Growing up without a father is difficult for any individual. At some point of during their father’s sentence, a daughter will experience, neglect, embarrassment, shame and aggressive behavior. Each of these developmental phases can negatively impact if not controlled early on.



When my dad and I first started DBI, we wanted to create a space for daughters to communicate better with their fathers while the father is serving his sentence. Angola’s program, Malachi’s Dad helped my dad become a better father for me. After going four years without speaking, we knew we needed to change our relationship because, I had a son. The motivation behind DBI was to ensure that no girl is left feeling neglected while her father is incarcerated. My dad means the world to me and, knowing that he’s helping me help other families means the world to us!